Closed-loop Response Analysis

Marketers invest significant resources to segment customers for response reporting across customer characteristics.

M Theory uses sophisticated AI techniques to gain visibility into hidden characteristics that are indicators of high response.

Dashboards & Data Visualizations

Spreadsheets fall flat in depicting actionable results and generating true insights.

M Theory combines the power of data mining with business friendly, interactive KPI dashboards and intuitive data visualization storyboards.

Acquisition Optimization

Acquisition programs represent significant but essential spend for marketers. Our advanced analytics and DMP solution approach optimize spend against measurable results. Don’t settle for random clicks while sacrificing quality.


Analytics & Marketing Consulting

M Theory Solutions provides deep technical and business consulting expertise for corporate marketing automation and enterprise marketing management. By aligning the technology, data and processes, our experienced team optimizes operational and analytical effectiveness throughout our customers’ direct marketing solutions.

  • Marketing Business Process and Data Assessment
  • Vendor and Technology Assessment and Selection
  • Marketing Systems Implementation and Integration
  • Marketing Optimization and Operations Support
  • Business Intelligence Framework Assessment and Development

Marketing Automation

Sophisticated marketing practices help your company stand out in a saturated marketplace. They can also quickly drive acquisition of profitable new customers while growing the relationship and loyalty of their existing customers. Our solutions enable direct marketers to develop and expand their capabilities across a full spectrum of critical activities for successful marketing. We help our clients:

  • Develop and execute direct marketing strategy to acquire, retain and develop loyal customers
  • Identify, analyze and segment prospects and customers along more dimensions
  • Capture interest and manage communication preferences
  • Provide more relevant and consistent messaging
  • Track contact history
  • Measure response, revenue and profit
  • Provide insight and guidance throughout the organization

We help clients develop and deploy campaign management solutions to perform closed-loop, multi-channel, multi-wave marketing interactions. Our solutions provide marketers the tools to deliver world-class experience for their customers by ensuring consistent and relevant messaging. We design our systems so that response tracking is at the core of each tactic, thus providing key decision support for driving increased response to marketing initiatives and communications.

M Theory Solutions provides expertise in delivering systems that can employ the full range of campaign management functionality. Our customer intelligence and segmentation solutions are based on:

  • Geographic, demographic, transactional and behavioral variables
  • Statistical model scores indicating churn, risk, response propensity and projected profitability
  • Consumer and corporate householding
  • Channel integration
  • Customer profile and population clustering
  • Promotional offers management and ROI optimization
  • Lights-out and event triggered campaigns
  • Direct and inferred response measurement and analysis
  • Development, execution and analysis of test and learn processes to determine:
    • Champion/challenger offers
    • A/B creative tests

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