Our Story

M Theory Solutions consultants have helped numerous organizations, both large and small, implement and fine-tune marketing campaigns, analyze campaign performance, and develop solutions for marketing effort effectiveness. Our guidance has resulted in improved campaign response rates, increased efficiency in marketing spend, and reduced customer fatigue and attrition rates.

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Our Approach

M Theory Solutions provides consulting services for Marketing and IT organizations wishing to implement marketing automation systems and solutions that utilize the science of marketing to drive more effective marketing practices and programs.

Our seasoned consultants have established an impressive track record of successful implementations of marketing technology solutions. We ensure that all of our implementations result in a production environment that meets or exceeds our client’s marketing needs. We have developed rapid implementation methodologies to make certain our client’s critical marketing programs are deployed on time.



Kip Wolin

Founder & Managing Partner

Kip Wolin has 20 years of experience designing and delivering multi-channel, enterprise marketing solutions to automate, coordinate and optimize targeted communications for both inbound and outbound customer interactions. His experience in leading all aspects of business process design and production roll-out of major international Marketing Resource Management (MRM) solutions provide clients with the highest level of enterprise marketing automation insight.

Kip has extensive hands-on experience in enterprise-scale campaign management, marketing optimization, and marketing operations automation.

Kip has been the key consultant and solution architect for over a dozen full life-cycle campaign management implementations including some of the largest direct marketing and MRM systems in the country, such as those for Disney, Chase, EMC and Gap.